Most of Xiaodong's violins are modeled on those of Stradavari. He has recently completed several violins in Stradavari's decorative style with inlayed design on the ribs and scroll and with decorative rather than plain purfling. He aims to give each of his instruments the resonances and tonal qualities of an old instrument - and they are known for their full concert sound.

A recent sale was to Campbell Trowsdale, Concertmaster with the CBC Radio Orchestra in Vancouver. This violin was made to Cam's specifications - to match the feel and tone of his Gagliano. Construction started only after personal dialogue between musician and violin maker.

His instruments prior to his coming to Canada were all for Chinese professional classical musicians. In 2004 a quartet of his instruments played along with the Axelrod String Quartet in a performance of Mozart's Octet during Stratford Summer Music.

The making of stringed instruments is, by nature, labour intensive and the number made by a luthier in a year is limited. However, there are usually several of Xiaodong's instruments in-house for your viewing and playing. And Xiaodong can usually arrange for your playing of instruments already in the hands of other musicians.

Prices are in keeping with the high quality of the workmanship and rich tone of the instrument. Tell Xiaodong of your special desires and he will do his best to make you an instrument tuned to your preferences. His guarantee is that if you find a custom-made instrument not close enough to your wishes, you can either have a refund of your down payment, or allow Xiaodong a second try at capturing what you want based on the experience of the first instrument.

Delivery time depends on what other work is in progress. Installment-payment over the construction period is available for special-order instruments.


Xiaodong Guan, 32 Cody Drive, Stratford N5A 8C2, Ontario, Canada - Tel 1-519 273 2574 email